Mr. Tulsi Ram Agrawal Chairman

The Directors of the Bank are eminent personalities with vast experience in business and the financial sector. The Board of Directors is fully committed to a high standard of corporate governance, which among others encompasses the principles of full disclosure and transparency, social responsibility and accountability, "zero tolerance" compliance culture, business and customer confidentiality, intolerance of conflict of interests, and an independent management.

Mr. Trilok Chand Agrawal
Mr. Trilok Chand Agrawal Director
Mr. Ram Chandra Sanghai
Mr. Ram Chandra Sanghai Director
Mr. Keshav Prasad Lamsal
Mr. Keshav Prasad Lamsal Director
Mr. Ganesh Man Shrestha
Mr. Ganesh Man Shrestha Director
Mr. Aditya Kumar Agrawal
Mr. Aditya Kumar Agrawal Director
Mrs. Bijaya Swar
Mrs. Bijaya Swar Director
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