Fastest online account opening challenge



Fastest online account opening challenge:

NIC ASIA Bank has come up with an online account opening challenge & you can participate in the challenge just by following these steps:

  1. Open Saving account at NIC ASIA Bank online -
  2. Complete all the steps of the account opening process through Bank’s website.
  3. Query the status of your online account opening application through [ Account Progression ], using reference code.
  4. Take the screenshot of the account progression & it must include the steps from step-1 to step-4 & submitted.
  5. The screenshot looks like below:



  1. Go to the comment section of the pinned Facebook post of NIC ASIA Bank and follow the below steps:
      • Upload your screenshot on the comment section, write “Challenge accepted” & mention 5 friends.
  2. Share the pinned Facebook post of NIC ASIA Bank with hashtag #GharBataiOnlineKhata #NICASIABANK on your timeline. The shared post must be public.
  3. You must like the official Facebook page of NIC ASIA Bank & the pinned Facebook post. Link to the Facebook page:
  4. Your account opening history should not be in reject or return status in any step. All the account opening steps should be completed in one go with proper and correct information. If found this kind of information while cross-checking that will be disqualified.


Rewards & winner selection:

    1. The winner shall be selected on the basis of the minimum time taken to complete the online account opening process (from step-1 to submitted).
    2. The top 2 participants who complete the challenge in the shortest time shall be rewarded with a smartwatch every week for 4 weeks during the campaign period.
    3. The top 10 participants who complete the challenge in the shortest time during the campaign period shall be rewarded with the smartwatch.
    4. The fastest person among all the participants of this challenge during the campaign period shall be rewarded with iPhone 12.

Terms & conditions:

  1. Participants must meet all the conditions mentioned above to be eligible for winner selection.
  2. Participants would be disqualified if missing any of the above condition.
  3. Participants are only eligible to win the rewards upon successful opening of the account.
  4.  Account opened online from Jestha-23 2078 to Ashar-19 2078 are only eligible to participate in the challenge.
  5. Facebook share & comments till Ashar-19 2078 are only eligible in the challenge.
  6. The prize is non-transferable.
  7. NIC ASIA Bank holds the right to use the Facebook profile picture of the participants during the winner announcement.
  8.  NIC ASIA Bank has the right to make the decision if any conflict arises during the campaign.


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