Do you love making TikTok videos?


NIC ASIA Bank has come with the “TikTok Video Challenge” where you can showcase your talent on TikTok and win amazing prizes.


What do you need to do?

  1. Make TikTok Videos on any MoBank Garau Jingle (audio) theme from one to six available at NIC ASIA Bank’s official TikTok page.
  2. Share with your friends and get maximum views and likes.

Rewards and rules:

  1. A minimum of 15k views is required in each TikTok video to be eligible for the winner selection.
  2. The highest number of views shall be selected for winner selection.
  3. A total of six winners shall be chosen out of six MoBank Garau Jingle (audio) during the campaign. One winner in each MoBank Garau Jingle (audio) on the basis of highest views.
  4. Prize equivalent to Rs. 15,000 shall be awarded to each winner.
  5. Only Nepali citizens living in Nepal shall be eligible to win the reward.
  6. The campaign shall be valid for 1 month from 6th Ashar to 5th Shrawan. 

* MoBank Garau Jingles (audio) are available at NIC ASIA Bank’s official TikTok Page.

** MoBank Garau Jingles (audio) themes names on which participants need to create TikTok videos-

  • Theme One: Utility bill payment
  • Theme Two: Pay with QR
  • Theme Three: Recharge your mobile number
  • Theme Four: Fund transfer
  • Theme Five: QR payment
  • Theme Six: Balance statement

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants must follow NIC ASIA Bank’s official TikTok page - @nicasiabankofficial
  2. Participants must share their own TikTok video on their TikTok profile tagging 5 friends and mentioning us @nicasiabankofficial using the hashtags #nicasiabank #mobankgarau
  3. Only unique videos will be eligible for winner selection. Third-party videos used in video creation will be disqualified even if there are more than 15k views.
  4. NIC ASIA Bank shall be using the created TikTok videos on its social media channels.
  5. Prize/Reward is non-transferable.
  6. The winner shall be selected based on the highest number of views.
  7. Announcement of the winner and prize distribution shall be done after the campaign.
  8. NIC ASIA Bank has the right to revoke the campaign if any conflict arises during the campaign.
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