NIC ASIA Bank invites vloggers and video content creators to participate in Video Challenge.

About online account opening at NIC ASIA Bank:

Considering the current situation, NIC ASIA Bank has been promoting digital banking services like online account opening, digital payments and self-banking. NIC ASIA Bank has always been promoting & has encouraged to use of digital services, through different mediums.

Online account opening is a very useful service the Bank currently been providing to the people. Anyone, from anywhere, can open a bank account at NIC ASIA Bank online (URL: ).

There are few steps in the online account opening process:

Step 1:  Submission of personal information

Step 2: Submission of address information

Step 3: Submission of professional information

Step 4: Declaration

Step 5: Submission of documents

The above steps can be completed within a few minutes.

Upon completion of all the above-mentioned steps, Bank verifies all the information and documents. Bank account can be successfully opened within the same day if all the information and documents are correctly submitted.

How to participate in Video Challenge?

  1. Video content should be a creative, innovative, and appealing concept.
  2. The story must cover the online account opening process & its features.
  3. It is mandatory to tag @NICASIABANKofficial and uses hashtag #GharBataiOnlineKhata #NICASIABANK while uploading video on YouTube and Participant must have subscribed to the official YouTube channel of NIC ASIA Bank.
  4. The video content must tell the story about or relate to:
    1. How easy it is to open a bank account online at NIC ASIA Bank.
    2. Features & offers available while opening a bank account online at NIC ASIA Bank.
    3. Risk Factors while visiting the branch for account opening.   
  5. The winner shall be selected based on 2 factors:
    1. Creativity and Engagement: Bank will select the most creative concept and engaged video in terms of storytelling, concept & engagement among participants.
    2. No. of views: The video with the highest number of views shall be a winner.

Rewards & winner selection:

  1. Rs. 50,000 shall be rewarded for the most creative video among participants.
  2. Rs. 50,000 shall be rewarded to the most viewed video among participants.
  3. Selection of the most creative video among participants shall be done by the Bank.
  4. Selection of the most viewed video among participants shall be done on the basis of view count during the campaign period.

      Terms & conditions:

  1. Participants must meet all the conditions mentioned above.
  2. Participants videos must have a minimum of 2k views to be eligible for the challenge.
  3. NIC ASIA Bank has the right to share the participants’ videos through its social media channels.
  4. Video contents & the view count from Jestha-23, 2078 to Ashar-19 2078, 2078 are only counted as participants.
  5. Prize/Reward is non-transferable.
  6. NIC ASIA Bank has the right to make the decision if any conflict arises during the campaign.



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