Online Banking Services with I-Touch

Get a wide range of financial and non-financial banking services at just a touch with NIC Asia Bank internet banking, operating commonly as “I-Touch”. Internet banking facility is available for individual as well as non-individual customers.

Internet banking is an online banking system that provides you with the facility to conduct financial and non-financial transactions from the net banking approach from the comfort of your space.

You as an account holder of the bank can always access banking services as an e-banking approach with any electronic device like a computer, laptop, or a mobile phone with an internet facility.


Internet Banking Features

Conduct transactional and non-transactional tasks including given features:

  •  Balance inquiry.
  •  Download Statement.
  •  Top- up, wallet load and other utility payment.
  •  Credit card bill payment.
  •  Schedule Payment.
  •  Fund transfer (within NIC ASIA or any other bank).

Our internet banking features are not limited to the mentioned features and we always strive to offer the latest trends. Go ahead with iTouch login and get wonderful online banking experience.

Corporate iTouch

Corporate Internet Banking “iTouch Corporate” is the dynamic product which facilitates Corporate Houses (any non- individual customer such as firms, companies, trusts, partnerships, proprietorship concerns etc.) to carry out banking activities online anywhere and anytime, aided with the power and convenience of the internet. The Corporate Internet Banking “iTouch Corporate” offers the following services (in addition to normal Internet Banking):

Transaction Approval Matrix:

ln, this system, designated employee of a corporate house will initiate the transaction and based on the approval matrix defined for the fund transfer/cheque signing, etc. other users will approve the transaction.

User Management System:

ln this system, the Bank will create an administrator as per the request of the corporate client. The administrator will be able to create users within the client itself to provide various roles. For example,

  • User1 will be able to view and download the statement of Account1.
  • User2 and User3 will be able to view and download the statement of Account1, Account2, Account3.
  • User 3 will be able to initiate the fund transfer request from Account4, etc.

Payment System

The system will have the following payment facilities: Salary and Vendor's Payment: Through this system, corporate clients can easily manage their staff salary and process vendor's payment through batch file upload.

  • Interbank Payment System: The system will have NCHL-IPS and Connect IPS enabled/integrated platform for interbank payment and fund transfer.


  • The Corporate iTouch will have two-factor authentications the same as that of normal internet banking.
  • All the administrator level activity will have dual authorization (maker/checker) capability.
  • The administrator at the client's end will create the user (maker) to provide account-level access such as account monitoring, transaction initiation, etc.
  • Transaction approver and the approval matrix will only be created by the bank (Central Support Unit, CSU) based on the board resolution received from the respective company stating the need for Corporate Internet Banking for their organization.
  • Transaction velocity and volume shall be as per the request of the client.
  • The client will define the number of approver and KYC of individual approver needs to be submitted in the Bank along with application form for request and indemnity.

Subscription Process:

Interested corporate house needs to submit all the prescribed documents for subscribing Corporate Internet Banking to the nearest branch along with the application form. The branch will verify the presented documents and forward them to the Central Support Unit.

The mentioned signature matrix and user management along with payment facility will be added by doing necessary customization in the iTouch Corporate (internet banking system of the Bank).

Documents Required for iTouch Corporate

  • Duly filled Corporate I-Touch Account opening form.
  • Board resolution to subscribe Corporate I-Touch specifying transaction limit and authorized user’s details.
  • KYC of individual authorized corporate internet banking users.
  • Copy of latest article of association and memorandum of association.

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