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Information Technology

The Bank’s focus is on leveraging technologies to drive business and achieve service excellence. The Bank has adopted the latest technologies in Core Banking System, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and process automation to enhance its capacity to cater to customers’ demands by reducing service delivery time and adding various new products and services.

The Bank has deployed world-class Core Banking System Finacle from Infosys to computerise its account system.

The Bank has been successful in keeping pace with technology, and has been able to network all of its branches, which has helped to process transactions on a real-time-online basis, which not only has saved time, but also removed data redundancy, besides helping to minimize operational risk. The Bank also has redundant links at all branches for uninterrupted service, in case a single network goes down.

In line with the Bank's technology policy, it has planned to upgrade the existing Core Banking System to the higher version in order to have efficient service delivery, enhance processing efficiencies, and broaden the avenues of business. The Bank places high priority in managing and protecting its information resources and system, for which it has a comprehensive IT policy that covers confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data under strict supervision of the Bank's Internal Audit and Compliance Department.

The Bank is the first mover when it comes to server virtualizations. Except for Core Banking System, all systems and applications are running under virtual server environment with high availabilities. This has educed a significant amount in hardware investment, as well as data center operating cost. This has also given the Bank a great tool to manage data with less complexity.

The Bank has always been in the forefront when adopting new technologies to cater to customer demand and empowering employees to drive the business so as to become the market leader. The Bank has maintained a very strong Business Intelligence (BI) to support business decisions and operation management. It has used BI solutions from the top market leader in that segment.

The Bank has adopted very flexible and scalable worldclass technology, where, with very little technical knowhow, the IT team can cater quickly to the day-to-day business demands instantly.

In order to manage large customer requests, the Bank has automated the entire business process related to loan applications. This has helped the Bank in doing largest risk asset retail business within a very short span of time, and has become the leader in retail business. The Bank has not just automated loan functions, in fact, all the critical functions of the Bank are running under process automation application, including HR functions, general approval system, logistic functions, and many more. This is just a start, and the Bank believes this will one day give a competitive edge to the Bank in return.

The Bank has also invested in Nepal Electronic Payment System (NEPS) in order to get the nation’s best technology and resources for card and other delivery channel operation functions.

The Bank is also expanding its avenues in alternate modern delivery channels. Currently, it has one of the best internet banking and mobile banking systems, which can cater to almost all the demands of the market looking for such solutions.

More the digitizations we go for, more the data we have. Hence, the Bank is looking at cloud solutions to move into the cloud for various critical database storage to avoid hassles of management of storage and backups in order to achieve higher system availability.

Another major focus of the Bank is on information security. Recently, the Bank has gone through IT Security Audit to ensure that there are no pitfalls in security, and vulnerabilities are not oversighted. The Bank has deployed various security appliances to protect customers’ information, as well as its own information assets, in terms of data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The Bank has set up its DR site at a worldclass data center at Bhairahawa for all critical services.

IT should be one of the primary focuses of the Bank, and it could be the Bank’s key success factor. IT would not be just a logistic support, it would be the Bank’s business driver in the coming days.