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Internet Banking

Internet banking enables a customer to do banking transactions through the bank’s website in the internet. This is also known as virtual banking or net banking or anywhere banking. The internet has dramatically changed the cost and capabilities of the marketing and distribution of new type of products and services.  This is especially true for retail financial services where the widespread adoption of electronic interface, primarily the internet, and the standardization of World Wide Web, have made it possible to reach customers in a new way.
NIC ASIA’s customers shall be able to conduct various informational and financial transactions through the bank’s website. This service currently includes the following features:
Non-Financial Transactions:

  • Account Information
  • Account statement
  • History of financial transaction
  • Log in and transaction password change
  • Web transactional alerts

Financial Transactions:

  • Funds transfer between registered accounts of the customers
  • Funds transfer to any customer’s  account within the bank
  • Merchant payments
  • Utility Bill payments
  • E-Sewa facilities

The scope of internet banking services shall not only be limited to the features mentioned above and is subject to review according to market trends and customer needs.