New Super Chamatkarik Bachat Khata

The future is uncertain and you need to prepare for rainy days. Therefore, saving has become a necessity today.

New Super Chamatkarik Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata

Make your days of retirement safe and convenient by opening “New Super Chamatkarik Jestha Nagarik Bachat Khata” at NIC ASIA Bank.

New Super Chamatkarik Nari Bachat Khata

Every woman deserves financial freedom. NIC ASIA Bank brings special saving account for financial independence of women with its 'New Super Chamatkarik Nari Bachat Khata'.

New Super Chamatkarik Talab Bachat Khata

Keep your employees happy by extending to them the benefits of modern, customized banking services.  New Super Chamatkarik Talab Bachat Khata is primarily a salary saving deposit product.

New Super Chamatkarik Babu Nani Bachat Khata

Every parent want better future for their child and to pursue a better future NIC ASIA bank feels the sense of responsibility to teach your child the value of money.

New Super Chamatkarik Bidhyarthi Bachat Khata

We provide financial service along with developing habits of saving for students who are the future of our nation.

New Super Chamatkarik Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata

We are determined to provide you service even though you are far from your home country.

New Super Chamatkarik Swarojgar Bachat Khata

You are an entrepreneur determined for uplifting your lifestyle. “New Super Chamatkarik Swarojgar Bachat Khata” is an interest to provide complete financial and life style solutions for the self-employed.

New Super Chamatkarik Fixed Deposit

It is not just a term deposit.

New Super Chamatkarik Masik Nichhep Khata

"New Super Chamatkarik Masik Nichhep Khata" is a combination of fixed deposit and saving product for those individual customers who prefer to save money periodically from their monthly saving for defined period of time.

New Super Chamatkarik Sahaj Bachat Khata

You don’t have to have a minimum balance to get a complete financial solution.