New Premium Super Chamatkarik Masik Nichhep Khata



New Premium Super Chamatkarik Masik Nichhep Khata

"New Premium Super Chamatkarik Mashik Nichhep Khata is a specific product targeted for individual customers with attractive interest along with quarterly interest payment. This product has two variants; Normal and Customized"

"New Premium Super Chamatkarik Masik Nichhep Khata" is a special kind of term deposit offered by NIC ASIA Bank to its customers with regular incomes that enables them to transfer a certain amount every month into their Premium Masik Nichhep account from other normal accounts and earn interest at the rate applicable to fixed deposits.
This deposit facility is available to those individuals who have a saving account with NIC ASIA Bank. A customer with pre-existing savings account at NIC ASIA Bank can instruct the Bank to transfer a certain portion of their monthly income (in the multiple of 500) to PremiumMasik Nichhep Khata. The advantage for the customer is that they can earn an interest rate of 6.50% in Premium Masik Nichhep Khata.
All Nepalese individual customers including minors are eligible to open this account. The minimum period of deposit is 3 months and the maximum is 10 years but the pre-mature withdrawal of Premium Masik Nichhep Khata is allowed if the period of the Premium Masik Nichhep Khata has crossed 50% of the agreed duration.


New Premium Super Chamatkarik Masik Nichhep Khata - Normal

Target Customer Individuals of all age groups.
Eligible amount for Monthly Installment NPR 500 per month (and in multiple of Rs. 500 thereafter).
Tenure 3 months
6 months
1 Year
3 Years
5 Years
7 Years
10 Years
Age Group All (including minor)
Interest Rate 6.50% per annum 
Lump-sum Deposit (at any time)  Through counter/ Mobank/ Internet Banking with multiple of NPR 500.
Interest Calculation Daily
Interest Capitalization Cycle Quarterly (Interest shall be credited to respective Nominee Account).
Other Charge Applicable Charge as per STC.
Loan Overdraft Up to 90% of the total amount.
Overdraft Interest Rate As per STC
Premature withdrawal The premature of Masik Nichhep Khata allowed if the period of the Masik Nichhep Khata has crossed 50% of the total duration.
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