Open Sarbashrestha Saving Account at your convenience without the need to visit the Bank's Branch. This is an real-time online account opening process through Video KYC. This is a full fledge KYC account for all your Banking needs.

Complete your VKYC in Just a few Steps

Step 1: Fill out the Online Account Opening Application Form.

Step 2: Open the link sent to your Email.

Step 3: Provide Access to the Camera, Microphone and Location in the device

Step 4: Connect to Agent through the Link and Complete your VKYC

Requirements before Conducting VKYC

      1. Identification documents (Original document added as primary while filling the Online Application Form like citizenship, Passport, and Driving license)

       2. Blank Paper and Black Pen • Ample light and clear background

       3. A clear view of your Face

       4. Smart Phone or Laptop with camera and speaker in working condition

       5. Uninterrupted Internet Connection

"Click Here" to open your account through V-KYC now.

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