We offer different types of cards in Nepal i.e. VISA Debit Card, VISA Credit Card, and International Pre-Paid Dollar Card including attractive discounts & offers with periodical discounted campaigns with hassle-free applying process along with e-commerce facility for online purchase and provides support through all channels with an affordable administrative fee.

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Do you want to avoid the burden of one-time expenses in monthly installments without having to pay for any of the items you have purchased?
Keeping your similar needs in mind, NIC Asia Bank offers a range of facilities. Under this facility, you have to pay for the goods purchased from any store through credit card and you can convert it into monthly installments of up to 18 months.

Visa Debit Card
Visa Debit Card

The NIC ASIA Visa Debit Card is a Debit card issued in collaboration with a principal member of Visa International bearing Visa brand mark

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ATM Cash Withdrawal:

  • Per transaction: NPR 25,000 (in Nepal) NPR 24,000 (in India)
  • Per day: NPR 100,000 (in Nepal) NPR 24,000 (in India)
  • Per Month: NPR 400,000 (in Nepal) NPR 160,000 (in India)

Visa Credit Card
VISA Credit Card

NIC ASIA VISA Credit Card is one of the privileged credit facilities offered to you as an esteemed customer. A credit card in Nepal is used to purchase goods and services through POS (Point of Sales) terminals as an alternative mode of cash payment. The visa card is accepted at all POS and ATM terminals bearing the VISA logo within Nepal and India. NIC Asia bank’s credit card is safe, offers lifestyle & travel benefits, and provides rewards & offers.

  • Safe, secure, reliable and fast means of transfer.
  • Competitive prices and exchange rate to the customer.
  • Top most network coverage all over the country with dedicated payout agents.

NIC ASIA FCY Freedom Card
NIC ASIA FCY Freedom Card

NIC ASIA FCY Freedom Card- International Prepaid Dollar Card facilitates the customers to make payments for international companies like Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba, Spotify, Social Media Ads, Google Play/App store, etc.

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Documents required:

  • NIC ASIA Bank Account
  • PAN Number
  • Updated KYC
  • Self-declaration form

Quick Payment
Quick Pay

A quick and secure payment system for the convenience of your customers where they can pay using the payment link. NIC ASIA is the first bank in Nepal featuring a link-based payment system. Quick Pay facilitates 3 easy steps for you to receive payments:

  • Generate a payment link.
  • Share with your customer.
  • Receive payment.

E-commerce Activation
E-Commerce Activation

Activating E-Commerce facilities in your Debit and Credit card will enable you to buy goods from Online Platform. Enjoy the various discount and cashback offer launch by Banks and Merchants on Online Shopping. Please click below button for the detail.

Card Based Internet Payment Gateway
Card based Internet Payment Gateway

The gateway is an internet payment gateway powered by Cybersource Inc., a subsidiary company of VISA, whereby merchants will be able to accept payments through their online platforms via the use of cards by customers. This is an alternative to the mobile application, internet-based payment, and other offline means of payment.

Int'l Pre- Paid Dollar Card
International Pre-Paid Dollar Card

The NIC ASIA Visa International Card is a prepaid card issued in collaboration with a principal member of Visa International bearing Visa brand mark.

  • ATM Cards Transaction Limit: Per transaction $1000.
  • POS Transactions Limit: Per Transaction $2000.
  • Ecommerce Transaction Limit: Per Transaction $500.

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