Do you want to avoid the burden of one-time expenses in monthly instalments without having to pay for any of the items you have purchased?
Keeping your similar needs in mind, NIC Asia Bank offers a range of facilities. Under this facility, you have to pay for the goods purchased from any store through a credit card and you can convert them into monthly instalments of up to 18 months.

You can get this monthly instalment facility when you buy goods up to the limit of the credit card. The bank is confident that the facility will facilitate the purchase of some expensive items, especially electrical goods, household items, furniture, gold and valuable jewellery. You can avail of this facility on the basis of a single slip and VAT bill received from any store after making a credit card payment. The customer's name should be clearly written on the bill and slip.

How To Convert in Insta Buy?

NIC ASIA Bank’s credit card customers purchase products/services at the Merchant location by swiping their Credit Card.

At Merchant’s end

Merchant shall display information regarding Insta-Buy EMI facility to the customer on their shops. Further, the successful sales amount shall be settled on Merchant’s Bank account on the next working day.

At the Customer’s end

Customer visits the nearest branch of NIC ASIA Bank and fills up Insta-Buy Application Form and submit original POS sales Slip and VAT bill which shall be verified by the concerned branch staff. Once the document is verified, Insta-Buy request shall be initiated and the Bank shall convert the purchase to EMI in the next working day after verification of eligibility and credit limit of the customer.

The EMI under this facility shall become due immediately on the next billing cycle/due date as per Bank’s Credit Card Scheme. Please note the minimum order value to avail of the EMI payment option is Rs. 15,000.

Further, Instabuy can be easily applied online via: The requests will be processed within 1-3 business days.


The charges (only for customers) for converting into an EMI scheme shall be as follows:

Credit Card EMI Handling Fees for Instabuy Purchase:

EMI Tenure

EMI Handling Fees

3 months

NPR 500 or Flat 2.5% of total amount whichever is higher

6 months

NPR 1,200 or Flat 5% of total amount whichever is higher

9 months

NPR 2,000 or Flat 7.5% of total amount whichever is higher

12 months

NPR 3,500 or Flat 10% of total amount whichever is higher

18 months

NPR 6,000 or Flat 18% of total amount whichever is higher

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