A quick and secure payment system for the convenience of your customers where they can pay using the payment link. NIC ASIA is the first bank in Nepal featuring a link-based payment system. Quick Pay facilitates 3 easy steps for you to receive payments:

  • 1- Generate a payment link.
  • 2- Share with your customer.
  • 3- Receive payment.

Log in to Your Dashboard Here!

Generate a payment link easily through a dashboard. Set amount & Generate a link!



Receive payment through a sharable link. Tap & Pay!


  1. Quick Pay service will extend the scope of online payment gateways to offline markets. Merchants not having their website and platform will be able to receive payments via Cybersource just by generating and sharing the payment link to the end-user.
  2. Suitable for all kinds of business scaling from SMEs/MSMEs and big corporates.
  3. Best for newly established e-commerce companies transacting mostly over social media, telephone, e-mail, etc.
  4. Hybrid model suitable for both over-the-counter and MOTO transactions.
  5. No need for additional physical devices/machines.


  1. No Technical integration is required to receive payments.
  2. Striking and super analytical dashboard.
  3. The payment link can be generated with a single click.
  4. Merchants can create the required number of users for transaction verification and reconciliation.
  5. Payments can be received from any part of the world.
  6. Full detailed transaction reports for better decision-making.


For more details, please contact cybs_support@nicasiabank.com or  9851176149

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