Fast Track Business Loan
Fast Track Business Loan


With an aim to meet the financing needs/requirements of Small and Mid-sized Enterprises(SME) and make small business loans easy, NIC ASIA Bank has designed special products with competitive pricing.


Looking for a simplified, fast, and flexible loan facility for financing Small Business Enterprises. "NIC Asia Fast Track Business Loan" is provided to meet the financing requirement of small business enterprises with attractive features enabling fast and flexible processing and easy repayment options.


Particulars Features
Purpose To finance Small Business Enterprises.
Age of business New Business or Existing business.
Maximum loan amount Up to NPR 10 Million per unit.
Facility Type Term Loan and Overdraft.
Loan Tenure Term Loan : Minimum up to 20 years
Overdraft : Maximum of 1 year.
*renewable every year subject to satisfactory performance review; repayable on demand.
Interest Rate Competitive Interest Rate. Click Here
Fees and Charges As per Bank Charges. Click Here

* Note: All other terms and conditions shall be as guided by Bank’s policy. In addition, to the above-mentioned parameters, Bank can analyze other details too where deemed required.

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