Terms and condition for Digital Dakshina:

1.    Receiver will get a 10% additional reward or Rs. 100 whichever is lower per transaction.
2.    Maximum reward per account is Rs. 500 throughout the campaign period.
3.    Transaction is valid only for NICA to the NICA account holder. And the receiver must receive the Dakshina from different senders.
4.    Transaction done only through MoBank using QR code Scan, Digital Dakshina, Fonepay Direct, and IBFT Fund transfer is valid for the campaign. And transaction made through ConnectIPS is not valid for the campaign. 

5.    Customer should mention “Dakshina” on remarks on every fund Transfer
6.    Campaign is valid from 10th Kartik 2077 to 13th Kartik 2077.
7.    Minimum Transaction amount should be Rs. 100.
8.    NIC ASIA Bank reserves the right to disqualify any transaction or discontinue promotion at any time.
9.    In cases of fraudulent/suspicious transactions, NIC ASIA Bank solely reserves the right to revoke the offer.

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