How NIC ASIA Bank is reshaping Nepal's banking future?

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COVID impact

The overarching impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been disrupting normal life for a long time now and the entire whole world is gripped by the clutches of Coronavirus. The prolonged impact of Covid-19 has given rise to a new normal where people are getting habituated to new avenues of lifestyle. Banking as we see is a customer-centric business and in Nepal, it is often characterized by long queue and crowd of people hovering around bank branches to meet their financial needs. Realizing that the existing banking practices need an overhaul to make it more convenient and safe for customers, NIC ASIA Bank has pioneered some disruptive banking changes which are well received by customers. In its transformative drive, the Bank has undertaken a herculean task of becoming a Digital First Bank of the country. For this, the Bank has an embedded number of technology-friendly initiatives in its service delivery. If you know about the latest digital banking services of the Bank, you can avoid visiting the physical branch for a number of services which shall save your time, effort and somewhat provide you safety from Corona Virus.

Today, NIC ASIA Bank has introduced a seamless banking process through the use of technology making banking much easier than ever before. Earlier, the public had the compulsion to visit branches in order to send or receive money, but today, such banking transactions are available on your mobile and can be done in just a few seconds. Likewise, if you have the MoBank app installed on your phone, you don't have to worry about carrying cash everywhere you go. NIC ASIA's Mobile Banking App comes in handy in making payment by scanning QR code installed at countless merchants across Nepal. Our customers can pay directly from the Bank account using plenty of methods like mobile banking, internet banking, QR (scan and pay) which are very easy and fast mediums to pay and receive the money.

What services have been implemented for customer convenience?

  1. The Bank has made the system of opening all types of accounts online. 
  2. For the first time in Nepal, the Bank has launched the facility to apply for loans through the online system. Customers can get information online about the status of the loan process.
  3. The Bank has the fully functional Smart Teller service to withdraw money from the Bank by scanning the QR code stationed at the Bank's teller in the absence of a cheque or ATM.
  4. Customers willing to deposit a cheque or cash in the Bank can easily complete the preliminary steps online through iServe to save time.
  5. The Bank offers facilities to easily reset your Mobile Banking password from home.

Offer! Offer! Offer!!!

The disruptions brought by NIC ASIA Bank in digital banking transformation are certainly advantageous to customers but it is a tedious task to change the mindset of the public who are already used to with the old banking habits. Therefore, in order to encourage customers into opting for digital banking systems, the Bank has been introducing countless offers in form of attractive discounts and cashback. Today, you can save a lot of money if you choose to pay via NIC ASIA Bank's MoBank or Cards instead of physical cash. And these payments mean any kind of payments like school fees, internet fees, electricity tariffs, water bills, purchases made at shops, etc.

The Bank is in constant pursuit to collaborate with merchants and business partners to forge discount tie up so that if someone uses NIC ASIA Bank's Card or digital payment mechanisms, they can avail attractive discounts. Especially on the occasion of upcoming festivities, the Bank has proudly unveiled a 'Digital Utsav' scheme to its customers with the sole objective of making Bada Dashain, Deepawali, Nepal Sambat, and Chhath celebrations a joyous occasion.

According to this scheme, the Bank's customers will be able to avail of the benefits of attractive cash discounts and cashback by making digital payments while shopping through various brands and stores.

The Bank's mobile banking and card (debit/credit) customers can avail of up to 50 percent cash discount and cashback on 19 different brands and stores when making digital payments.


एनआईसी एशिया बैंकको कार्डबाट भुक्तानी गर्दा २५ प्रतिशतसम्म रकम फिर्ता पाईने

What are the benefits and offers?

1. The customers can buy electronics, jewelry, gadgets, vehicles, food, and many other basic necessities and pay through this Bank's mobile banking and card with an attractive discount of up to 50 percent and cashback.

2. The Bank has collaborated with Simrik Air for a helicopter tour facility for its customers who are planning to see the beautiful nature of various religious and natural lands of the country at a discounted rate.

As the Bank has been offering discounts and cashback facilities through digital payment systems, customers are more inclined on making their payments through NIC ASIA MoBank or cards instead of using physical currency.


An initiative of the Bank

Targeting the upcoming Dashain festival, the Bank has launched amazing offers and opportunity to its revered customers.

Celebrate for a cause- Bank's donates a rupee to CSR for your each transaction

The Bank, in its honest pursuit of responsible and accountable banking, has announced to donate Rs. 1 on every MoBank transactions performed by its customers from Kartik 1 to Kartik 10.

Digital Dakshina - 10% Cashback to the recipient

The Bank has also introduced Digital Dakshina Yojana targeting the upcoming Dashain Festival. Under this scheme, the recipient can get up to a 10 percent reward while sending Dakshina from one NIC ASIA MoBank to another NIC ASIA MoBank. This offer is valid from Vijaya Dashami day to Purnima.

Today, the banking landscape has massively changed. Apart from keeping your money and taking loans from the Bank, you can also avail of other countless services. If you look at the latest activities of the Bank, they seem to have a direct role in your everyday life. NIC ASIA Bank calls the new banking phenomenon as Lifestyle Banking. Because for your everyday need where you need to pay cash, now you can now do it through your Mobile Banking App or Cards. On top of that, the services provided by NIC ASIA Bank are very comfortable and reliable.

So now you don't have to go around looking for a branch office for banking services. You don't have to waste time filling out a paper form for any work. Even if you go to the branch office of NIC ASIA Bank to open an account, you can feel the new experience as you can open the account by filling the form and scanning the documents through the digital medium available there. And there are plenty of services which you can avail of online from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

Therefore, 'Soch Badalau' and let's choose a new banking system. Let’s be part of the digital banking of NIC ASIA Bank.

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