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Chamatkarik Babu Nani Bachat Khata

To build a corpus for your child’s security and teach them to manage money we offer “Chamatkarik Babu Nani Bachat Khata” which is specifically designed for children’s of 18 years and below.


Proposed Features

Maximum Age Limit/Target Customer

Children up to age of 18

Minimum Balance


Interest Payable

Quarterly on daily closing balance

Internet Banking

Free issuance for first year

Mobile Banking

Free issuance for first year


Free registration


Free up to 200K

Issuance of Cheque Book and Account Statement

Free on demand

Education Assurance

·Up to 4 times of annual average deposit or maximum of NPR 100,000 in case of accidental death of a parent for one time


·FD shall be open in the name of children from education claimant amount or can credited into saving account as per the wishes of children.

Monthly fee transfer facility among listed schools

Free Standing Instruction


·Special discount on Education Loan when minor turns into major

·Birthday wishes

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