Products Associated with Life Insurance

We are associated with two life Insurance Companies:

  2. NLIC ( Nepal Life Insurance Company)

Join up with NIC ASIA Bank Bancassurance and give us an opportunity to serve you to take care of uncertainties risk associated and also financial needs, which is the most important in life. Be insured and be secure.

Products Associated with Non-Life Insurance

  1. Nepal Insurance Company Ltd.
  2. Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd
  3. United Insurance Company (Nepal) Ltd
  4. Prudential Insurance Company Ltd.
  5. Premier Insurance Company Ltd
  6.  Sagarmatha Insurance Company Ltd.
  7. Siddhartha Insurance Company Ltd.
  8. NLG Insurance Company Ltd
  9.   Everest Insurance Company Ltd.
  10. Lumbini General Insurance Company Ltd.
  11. Himalayan General Insurance Company Ltd.
  12. NB Insurance Company Ltd
  13. Prabhu Insurance Company
  14. Neco Insurance Company

Non-Life Insurance covers

House: household, rental, commercial and under construction, earthquake, fire, flood, landslide, explosion, riot strike damage/malicious damage, terrorism activities

Vehicle:  accidental, loss, theft, third party liability, driver passenger helper ( in case of Commercial Vehicle), riot strike damage/malicious damage, terrorism activities


  • Force Saving
  • Tax Exemption
  • Accidental Coverage
  • Helps against Economic Crisis
  • Retirement Plan


  • New policy Documentation from Bank
  • Policy Delivery
  • Easy Premium payment Service from Customer’s Account via Standing instruction
  • Reduce their reliance on traditional agents by making use of the various channels owned by banks.
  • Develop new financial products more efficiently in collaboration with their bank partners
  • Establish market presence rapidly without the need to build up a network of agents.
  • Hassel free work.
  • Support in case of Claim Settlement

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