If a business wants to start accepting payment through QR and have a Current or Saving account, Merchant can apply it online by visiting here- or contact the nearest branch for the same.

Bank does not charge for this as of now.

Yes, the merchant must have a Bank account with NIC ASIA Bank.

 Yes. PAN number is mandatory to become QR Merchant.

Merchants must have a bank account in NIC ASIA BANK to get the QR from us.

No renewal charge will be levied to QR Merchant.

Business with Saving account at NIC ASIA Bank can become QR merchant. Providing PAN certificate, Citizenship and Merchant shall receive QR in business holder’s name.

Download FonePay Merchant App from Google Play Store or App Store.

Yes. Login to Fonepay Merchant App or log in with using Username and Password received in SMS and go to My QR section to generate and download Merchant’s own QR Code.   

All Transactions done will be settled on Merchant’s bank account once a day at midnight at 12

Merchant has to login into their Fonepay Portal and go to Transfer to Bank and insert the amount that has to be settled. This settlement will be done in realtime.

If Merchant has any issues regarding  QR system or transaction call us at 9828711115 or email us at

The documents required are for the Current Account are PAN, Business Registration and for the savings account are PAN and Citizenship along with a Merchant Agreement copy.

Currently, there are no installation charges levied to the merchant. MSF (Merchant Service Fee) is also 0% as of now.

There is no charge while making payment at the merchant's POS. However, the charge will be levied while transferring the fund to your friends and family using QR.

Basic Document

1. Standard Set of Account Opening Form with all the mandatory details filled properly
2. Valid Registration Certificate

    Office of Company Registar

3. PAN or similar certificate issued by Government Authority for Tax Purpose
4. KYC of Signatories, Board Members and Shareholder holding 10% or more shares 
5. Anyone Copy of Identity Cards of Signatories, Board Members and Shareholder holding 10% or more shares ?:

    Citizenship Certificate
    Voter's ID                            
    Driving License               

6. Recent Passport Size Photo 

7. Board Resolution authorizing to open and operate account (Minute)

8. Articles of Association

9. Memorandum of Association
10. Audited report of last fiscal year.

11. Tax Clearence Certificate or Tax Return File of last fiscal year

Declaration regarding audit and tax clearence if the firm is established in current Fiscal Year
12. Declaration regarding Blacklisting 

13. Online Pan Check 

Additional Document
14. Operating liscence(if any)

15. Updated Share lagat if Applicable?

Things to remember

  •     In case of non-availability of the customer information, the blank space must be crossed or marked N/A.
  •     Mark "Signed before me' and "Thumb Print Affixed in My Presence' in available space of Terms and Condition page and mention Full Name and Employee lD and initial signature.
  •     Mark as "Original Seen or O/S" along with his/her initial signature and name and staff lD no after accepting copy documents.
  •     Staff should fill up "For Bank Use Only" with appropriate reason for risk grading
  •     Please mention nearest prominent landmark like temple/department store/school etc in location map
  •     The information regarding the occupation/business shall be specific such as Jewelry Service, Banking Sector etc.
  •     Branch Manager/ Service Manager can waive the provision of account introduction in case of walk-in customers
  •     Selfies and side profile photos are not acceptable

NIC ASIA MOBANK is a convenient and safe transaction banking application offered online. You can manage and access your NIC bank accounts quickly and securely either through SMS, WIFI, 3G or Edge.

With the NIC ASIA MOBANK application, you can access and manage your NIC accounts to perform the following services.

To enroll in Mobile banking, you need to visit the nearby NIC ASIA bank counters and fill the registration form.

Once the bank personal verifies your mobile number with the account number you provide, you will be sent with the registration confirmation message with all your login password, transaction password and MPIN.

Note: Make sure you have enough balance in your account to activate your service required for NIC ASIA MOBANK registration.

The login password is the secret code used for authentication during the login process if you are a using smartphone with activated internet connection in it.

Transaction password is the secret code used for the transaction (withdrawing your account) during the fund transfer, bill payments or to get the recharge card.

MPIN is 7 digit alphanumeric passwords used in the case you do not have internet connection in the phone and you are using SMS request from the application.

The NIC ASIA MOBANK application is available in android, iOS and java supported platforms. To get the application, please visit the Google play store and search for NIC ASIA MOBANK from your mobile devices in case of android. Apple app store and search for NIC ASIA MOBANK from your mobile devices in case of the iOS platform. Please find a mobile banking link in the NIC official website to download a  JAD file for java based mobile phone.

Once you install the NIC ASIA MOBANK application in your mobile phone, for an android phone please log in to NIC ASIA MOBANK with the login credentials, you received through SMS message. The username will be the mobile number you present during the registration process in the bank. After successful registration, you will be asked to change your login password and transaction password successively. For password format, please follow the instruction, as in the popup panel you get for changing your password. Once you set your new login and transaction password, you need to log in again with the new password to use the service.

In the case of SMS, you will need to change your MPIN from the settings menu to activate the service.

Note: Please keep all the login password, transaction password and MPIN you set safe and confidential.

For GPRS Password:

You need to open the Mobile Banking App.
You need to type your Mobile Number and your GPRS Password and Login.
Then after, Change your Password option will appear where you can see the spaces for Old Password, New Password and Confirm New Password.
You need to write a GPRS password in the old password and then you can type your new password and confirm typing your new password again.
A message ‘Password changed successfully’ will be displayed.
For Txn Pin

Change Txn pin option will appear where you can see the spaces for Old Password, New Password and Confirm New Password where you need to write Txn password in the old password.
Then you can type your new password and confirm typing your new password again.
* When to use GPRS pin? – when you are logging onto mobile banking through wi-fi or data.
* When to use m-pin/ txn-pin? –for transactions.

Yes, you can access all of your accounts using the NIC ASIA MOBANK only if you specify your required account during the registration process in the form.

If you forget your password, it needs to be reset. You need to visit your respective branch and submit a request to reset the password. Bank will charge a minimum amount for this service as per the bank’s rules and regulations.

For the GPRS password, you must use the password having alphabetical (At least one character in Capital format e.g. ABC…), numerical (123…) and special characters (@ $ # *…) to use Mobile Banking.
Txn pin should be 4-digit numeric only.

You need to visit your respective branch to inform the same and unblock the password. For this, you also need to fill & submit the unblock request form to the branch.

The branch will inform you at the time you visit and submit the request form. However, it usually takes 24 hours or will be done by the end of the day if you submit the form on the morning the same day.

If you change your mobile phone, you should visit your respective branch and contact the concerned staff at the branch to reset the device. You can download the form here:

If you are transferring money from NIC ASIA Bank’s Account to another NIC ASIA Bank’s Account, it will not bear any changes. However, if the fund is being transferred to another bank’s account then the Bank will charge a minimum amount for this service as per Bank’s rules and regulations.

Mo-banking password expires every 2 months hence, you need to reset your password every 2 months to not to get expiry information which will also save you from blocking your password.
However, if your password got expired, you need to reset your password. But if you tried with an old password many times, your password will be blocked, for which you need to visit your respective branch to inform the same and need to fill & submit the unblock request form to the branch.

Per transaction maximum amount NPR 25,000 and Total Maximum transaction NPR 100,000/- Per day.

You can send a screenshot message at or contact any branch of NIC ASIA Bank. Or you can directly contact e-sewa customer care.

The branch will inform you at the time you visit and submit the request form. However, it usually takes a working day 24 hours or will be done by the end of the day if you submit form in the morning the same day.

You can send the screenshot message at or contact any branch of NIC ASIA Bank.

 Please go to Standard Tariff Charge menu in Footer's Quick Links section to know about the applicable charges for a credit card.

A card issued by our bank giving the credit card holder an option of “Spend Now and Pay Later”. It facilitates credit card holder to borrow funds usually at point of sales and during online payment.

Yes, as our card is EMV Chip Based Secured Card. A Chip Card is a card with an embedded microchip. The Chip is encrypted and provides enhanced security and protection to help guard against fraudulent transactions. When you use your Chip Card at stores or restaurants that have chip enabled terminals and at ATMs, the system validates the Chip ensuring security of your transaction.

Yes, NIC ASIA Bank credit card can be used as a Swipe card (POS machines)

Yes, the card can be used at any of the ATMs to withdraw cash within Nepal and India.

Yes, the credit card can be used for online transactions.

Our credit card has 5 years’ validity

Yes , our Credit Card provides Flexible payment option between 10% to 100%

Credit card is accepted as mode of payment at VISA merchant locations within territory of Nepal and India.

Limit of Credit Card ranges from 15K to 500K .

Yes , credit card customer can avail discount facility in more than 2000 merchants outlets where discount tie up is done.

Yes , our Credit cards charge interest and are primarily can be used for short-term financing. Interest usually begins one month after a purchase is made and borrowing limits are pre-set according to the individual's credit rating.

Statement Delivery: E-mail Statement Date: 25th of every Gregorian calendar month Payment Due Date: 15 working days after statement date.

  • Cash Deposit.
  • Cheque Deposit.
  • Auto Debit Instruction.
  • Online Payment (internet banking, Mobile banking-Fonepay, NCHL-Connect IPS)

If you make a payment for the total outstanding amount before the due date, no interest charges are applicable. If the total amount due is not paid within payment due date, interest will be charged on the total amount due and on all new transactions (from the transaction date) till such time as the previous outstanding amounts are not settled.

Yes , Customer gets SMS alert for his / her transactions .

Yes, now credit card can be applied via online by visiting Bank’s website.

Auto-debit allows NIC Asia Bank account holders to give standing instructions to pay their credit card bills directly through their bank account.

Customer need to follow below steps to apply for Zero Percent Financing Facility (ZPFF):

  • Customer visits Bank’s specified merchant’s outlets and selects the products and services to be purchased in EMI payment option.
  •  Merchant provides quotation of the product/services to the customer.
  • Customer visits the nearest branch of the bank with the quotation of the product/service.
  • If the customer credit card holder, customer fills an application form for ZPFF, whereas, if the customer is noncredit card holder, customer fills up credit card application from along with ZPFF application form.
  • Upon approval, Bank will inform the customers and provide Intimation Letter/Delivery Order (Customer/merchant/bank copy)
  • Customer will visit merchant outlets with Delivery order/Intimation letter.
  • Based on Delivery Order provided by Bank, merchant shall deliver the product to the customer.
  • EMI amount will be booked to credit card account on monthly statement and payment due date will be same as your credit card account.

No, ZPFF is only available at selected merchant outlets (enclosed merchant list).





Neoteric Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Electronic Products


Sky Brands Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Fitness Equipment


CG Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic Products


LG Life Style Shoppe Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic Products


Global Key Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Reecharger)

Electronic Products


Evolution Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic Products


Easy Mobile Care Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic Products


People's Mobile Hub

Electronic Products


Ola Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Electronic products - Huawei Products


Kausiki Infosys International

Laptop and Desktop


Miyama Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Electric Scooter


Karuna Interior Pvt. Ltd.

Furniture and Furnishing


Nepal Time Center

Electronic Products

14 Eco Infinity Pvt Ltd. Electric Scooter
15 Triveni Byapar Pvt Ltd. Electronic Products
14 Circalls Trading Pvt Ltd.

Electronic Products

15 Aavaran Skin Clinic Pvt Ltd-   
Skin Clinic, Laser Clinic, Plastic surgery  

First, you need to apply for NIC ASIA credit card and after availing credit card facility, you can enjoy ZPFF from bank’s specified outlets.

Interest rate is 0% p.a.

Yes, you can settle the loan any time without pre-payment charge

Bank will finance up to 90% of the quotation price but within the credit card limit.

Customer can enjoy loan tenure from 3 months to 12 months.

There is no loan administrative fee for ZPFF.

Any Nepali citizen residing inside and outside the national boundary who wishes to open a saving account with NIC ASIA BANK can open Online Account Bachat Khata.

Online Bachat Khata can be opened via NIC ASIA BANK’s website ( The application form can be accessed from the home page of NIC ASIA BANK.

The online application process will take not more than 15 minutes to complete given the required information is furnished. The status of your account opening process will be notified to you via your email.

No. The account can be opened with Zero balance.

Your account number will be generated immediately after you submit the application. The account number will be provided in your email address.

You can operate your account after the confirmation email is sent to you about account activation which might take two working days. If we will have any queries regarding information/documents furnished by you we will get back to you via email.

Only credit transaction is allowed in this account until and unless you visit the preferred branch for document verification and signature authorization. Initially the account will have debit restriction on it.

If you are applying from Nepal it is better to visit the bank as early as possible and if you are applying from abroad you must make sure that you visit your preferred branch within three years of account opening date.

If you won’t visit the bank within three years, your account will be blocked.

If you do not visit the branch and fail to make any transaction for six month, your account will automatically get deleted from our system.

You shall upload scan copy of your citizenship, income source document, recent photograph and valid visa/passport if you reside abroad.

To make your opening deposit online, you can transfer fund from your existing accounts at another financial institutions. You can also transfer fund through remittance or fund can be deposited by anyone in your account by filling bank voucher.

Account holder can get debit card and cheque book only after they visit the bank for removal of debit restriction.

Recurring Deposit (RD) Account is a combination of fixed deposit and saving product for those individual customer who prefers to save money periodically from their monthly saving for defined period of time.

All Nepalese individual customers including minors are eligible to open this account.

Yes, existing account holders can easily open RD account. Whereas for new customers, they must have to open saving account first to enjoy RD account.

The minimum or eligible amount of installment is Rs 500 and thereafter in multiple of Rs 500 per month.

The minimum period of deposit is 3 months and maximum is 10 years.

Yes, customer need to fill up an additional form to provide certain detailed information regarding monthly installment, tenure and debit date.

Yes, customers can choose their own debit date as per their convenient

No any charges are applied while placing SI to open this account for monthly transfer from saving account to recurring account of account holders.

No any penal charges for default of monthly installment.

  • The monthly installment amount once fixed cannot be altered at any later date.
  • But at any time, the customer can deposit additional amount apart from regular monthly installment with multiple of NPR 500 through Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking or over the counter in this account.

No, customers are not allowed for mid-term or partial withdrawal.

Premature withdrawal is not encouraged. But in some special cases, the premature withdrawal applicable rate shall be same as in case of premature liquidity of FD.

Yes, customer can enjoy Overdraft facility up to 90% of total accumulated amount with additional 3% or base rate whichever is higher.

Cybersource IPG is a convenient and secure card-based online payment system whereby cardholders of any domestic or international banks can make payments to merchants in Nepal.


  This is for both. Merchants willing to enable card based online payment acceptance may approach the bank for availing the service. Customers willing to make card-based online payment may activate their cards with the eCommerce options and make payments to the merchants.

 No. This service enables international payment acceptance to domestic merchants. This doesn’t provide option of payment to international merchants.

 You shall have to undergo a technical integration in your platform to enable this gateway and enter into a service agreement with NIC ASIA.


Yes. You need to have a current account in the name of registered company in which gateway has to be integrated. This account is used by NIC ASIA for settlement of funds received as payments from customers.

Limits of transaction amount shall be as per the limits set by NRB on card based payments from time to time. No additional limit/cap is set by the gateway or the Bank.


  A set of initial integration fees, plugin maintenance fees, membership fees and transactional charges are applied as per Bank’s Standard Tariff of Charges (STC). Same shall be provided under the service agreement to be signed before availing the service.


You can send a message at for any technical support required. Alternatively, you can directly contact any branch offices of NIC ASIA.

For commercial discussion, you can send a message at

 You can add any number of gateways in your platform. You may even compare the gateways based on success rates of transaction and swiftness in processing, and decide rates to opt a single one in future. Cybersource offers your 99.9% uptime which is best in the industry.

The gateway has plugins developed for eCommerce based on the following platforms: Amadeus, Aria Systems, BigCommerce, Cvent, eBay, Zuora, Sitecore, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, SAP Hybris, Navitaire, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics AX

Safe Deposit Locker refers to space provided by the Bank to its account holders to meet demand of safeguarding their precious gems/jewelries and important documents. Bank ensures the safety of the precious items/documents while stored in the locker in one hand and also facilitates to take away from the locker for their use on the other. 

No, locker facility are available at selected branches only.

You need to visit the nearby NIC Asia Bank branch where locker facility is available and fill up the application form.

You need to open an account with us to avail locker facility. After you open an account with us, you can avail locker facility from any of our locker service providing branches irrespective of the branch where your account has been opened. Further, locker facility shall be subject to availability.

Yes, subject to availability of locker service available at branch in which you intend to open the locker.

Valuable possession such as precious metal, marketable securities, and important documents like Property documents, Loan Documents, Birth/Marriage Certificates, Saving Bonds, Insurance Policies, other confidential and private items which need safekeeping can be stored in lockers.

Anything that is illegal or forbidden by the law like explosive material, weapons, materials that are used for terrorism, drugs, etc.

The bank has different size of locker and the locker rent varies as per the locker sizes. Charges for locker vary from Rs. 2,835 to Rs. 13,185 depending upon size. Further you need to deposit security amount of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 for obtaining locker facility.

SN Locker Size Annual Rent/Margin money
1 H125 W175 D492 NPR 2,835/NPR 10,000
2 H159 W210 D492 NPR 3,735/NPR 10,000
3 H189 W263 D492 NPR 4,935/NPR 10,000
4 H159 W423 D492 NPR 5,985/NPR 15,000
5 H321 W210 D492 NPR 5,985/NPR 15,000
6 H189 W423 D492 NPR 7,785/NPR 15,000
7 H321 W423 D492 NPR 9,585/NPR 20,000
8 H404 W529 D492 NPR 13,185/NPR 20,000


It is responsible to note that in case of theft of bank locker, banks are not responsible.

You can approach the branch for locker break request. Charges shall be levied as per STC for locker breaking plus applicable Lock replacement charge and expenses incurred towards travelling/lodging/fooding as per actual bill submitted by vendor.

No, you don’t need to pay any other fees/charges apart from annual rent. However, you will have to deposit applicable locker margin amount which is refundable.

Yes, you can. But you have to pay surrender charges whenever you surrender the locker.

No, charges of locker may vary from time to time with the change in Standard Tariff Charges of Bank.

Locker Annual Rent is waived for 1st year only for New Premium Super Chamatkarik Bachat Khata diamond category.

Locker Facility (Deposit) Diamond
Annual Rent (First Year Only) 100% waiver

Margin Deposit for Locker Facility shall be waived as per the product variants as long as the customer is connected with the product.

Locker Facility (Deposit) New Premium Super Chamatkarik Bachat Khata -Diamond
Margin Deposit 100% waiver

Accidental Death/Total Permanent Disablement, Critical Illness, and Medical Insurance are covered under Chamatkarik Deposit Products.

It is not necessary to fill up any form by the customer for Accidental insurance. Medical insurance claimant customer needs to fill the form at the time of claimant only.
However, for critical illness coverage, a separate form needs to be filled at the time of account opening.

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