Commercial Agricultural and Livestock Loan is a subsidized loan product to fulfill the financing needs of businesses for various agricultural and livestock purposes.

Facility/Product Type

Term Loan

To finance business operation and/ or capital expenditure requirement including refinancing of equity and non-funded facilities for performing loan as per Nepal Rastra Bank directive/circular.

Target Group

Persons (Nepali Citizen) /firm/Co-operatives/company/organization involved in agricultural and livestock business as per “Procedure for Interest Subsidy on Subsidized Loan 2075” (third amendment) issued by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Age of business

New Business or Existing business.

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to NPR 100 Million per unit.

Facility/ Products

Funded Facilities(up to NPR 5 million)

Term loan or revolving business loan or Mix of revolving business loan and a term loan in any ratio. However, in case of Capex Financing, term loan shall only be financed.

Funded Facilities (Above NPR 5 Million):

Following Funded Facilities shall be provided:

  • Cash Credit
  • Short Term Loan (for fluctuating working capital)
  • Fixed Term Loan (for core capital, if requirement is justifiable)
  • Ad-hoc STL (for seasonal working capital)
  • Import/Export based Loan (TR/STL etc.)

Fixed Term Loan (For Capex Financing only)

Non-funded facilities:

  • Letter of Credit (LC).
  • Guarantees.

Tenor of Revolving Facilities:

  • Maximum 1 year, renewable every year subject to satisfactory performance review.

Tenor of Working Capital Term Loan:

  • 3 to 10 years including moratorium period.

Tenor of Fixed Term loan:

  • Maximum of 5 years including moratorium period.
Subsidy Criteria

Subsidy on pricing as circulated by Nepal Rastra Bank from time to time.

Interest Rate

As per Published Interest Rate of the Bank

Fees and Charges

As per Bank’s Standard Tariff Charges (STC)

*Note: All other terms and conditions shall be as guided by Bank’s internal policies/documents. In addition, to the above-mentioned parameters, Bank can analyze other details too where deemed required

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