NIC ASIA Bank has been providing "Deprived Sector Loan" through Direct Lending to the individuals (Direct Financing), Subsidized loans (As per the Nepal Rastra Bank provision) and Wholesale Lending (Indirect Financing) to the financial institution involved in microfinance activities.

Direct DSL

To provide the financial services to the people categorized by Nepal Rastra Bank as deprived group

Facility/Product Type

Term Loan

To meet the NRB requirement of direct financing under Deprived Sector Lending.


Microfinance Institutions Licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Interest Rate

As per Published Rate

Fees & Charges

As per Standard Tariff of Charges

*Note: All other terms and conditions shall be as guided by Bank’s policy. Also, to the above-mentioned parameters, Bank can analyze other details too where deemed required.

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