NIC Asia Employer's Overdraft Loan is the hassle-free choice to handle the financing of working capital, routine
expenses (overhead and operational requirements), and managing your business's cash flow. It has appealing features that allow for quick and flexible processing.

Facility/Product Type

Overdraft Loan

To help the employer by financing working capital or overhead expenses and managing the cash flow.

  • The employer must maintain a payroll and operating account with the Bank, and salary and other expenses should be routed through that operating account.
  • The employer's availing credit facilities and other BFIs are not eligible.
Loan Amount

The minimum loan amount is NPR 2 Lakh & the maximum loan amount is given below:

  • For 50 and the above number of staff:
    • Maximum loan amount up to 10 lakh
  • For 25 to 50 number of staffs:
    • Maximum loan amount up to 7.5 lakh
  • For 10 to 25 number of staff:
    • Maximum loan amount up to 5 lakh

Also, an overdraft shall be provided to the institution with a minimum of 10 staff, and the total monthly salary to be routed through the Bank shall be a minimum of NPR 150,000.

Facility/ Products

Overdraft Loan

  • Revolving facilities:
    • Maximum of one year, repayable on demand, renewable every year subject to satisfactory performance review and continuation of payroll account with the Bank.
Interest Rate

As per Published Rate

Fees & Charges

As per Standard Tariff of Charges

Note: All other terms and conditions shall be as guided by Bank’s policy. In addition, to the above-mentioned parameters, Bank can analyze other details too where deemed required.

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