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Mobile banking is a platform provided to the customers enabling them to access their accounts through mobile phones in a secure manner. The mobile banking service gives customer account information and real-time transaction capabilities from mobile phones at a true “anywhere, anytime, anyhow” convenience. It also allows sending informational messages about the Bank’s products and services to customers. Mobile Banking service of NIC ASIA shall allow customers to carry out various informational and financial transactions through their mobile phones as follows:

  • Enquire account information
  • Mini statement view
  • Funds transfer between registered accounts of the customers
  • Funds transfer to any customer’s  account within the bank
  • Foreign Exchange Rate inquiry
  • Billy Payment of NTC Land Line / NTC GSM Post-Paid
  • NTC GSM/CDMA Pre-Paid recharge PIN purchase
  • Merchant Payments

The scope of Mobile Banking services shall not only be limited to the features mentioned above and is subject to review according to market trends and customer needs.

For any further queries and feedback, please contact us through the following means:
Toll-Free Number: 16600177771

Download our mobile apps