QR Refer & Earn Campaign


Monsoon Ma Vansoon - NIC ASIA Bank launches QR Refer and Earn campaign for merchants.

Don't you think your business could do a lot better if you have a cashless payment mechanism especially during this Covid-19 pandemic situation? Where the public is wary of making cash transactions citing Coronavirus fear?

What is QR?

QR Payment is the right solution to overcome this fear and pull customers at your shop to buy your products. With this payment method, customers can simply scan the QR code stationed at your business outlet through their mobile phone and swiftly perform the transaction.

With QR code in your shop, you now don't have to worry about getting a POS machine to swipe cards or receive physical cash. You can just put a QR code in your shop and customers will scan the code through a mobile banking app on their phone. 

What is QR Refer and Earn campaign of NIC ASIA Bank?

NIC ASIA Bank has come up with an impressive offer to merchants whereby they can refer NIC ASIA QR code scanner to other merchants and get the incentive for this referral. If you are the existing customer of NIC ASIA Bank, you can refer other merchants having Bank Account at NIC ASIA to put this QR barcode at their shop and you will be rewarded Rs. 750 for doing so. Remember, you can refer to as many merchants as you can and get Rs. 750 per referral upon successful onboarding of other merchants.

Furthermore, there is an extra special offer for the top 10 customers making maximum referrals. Merchants who are successful in onboarding the maximum number of customers during this campaign period will be rewarded with Rs. 50,000 each.

And remember that this campaign shall last till Ashwin 2077.

How to Refer

  1. Click here to refer- https://bit.ly/31t61fr
  2. Apply for QR by submitting your interest
  3. Fill the information and mention the name and contact number of other merchants.
  4. Submit

What documents you are required to apply for NIC ASIA's QR Code?

  1. Account at NIC ASIA Bank
  2. Certificate of your business
  3. PAN/VAT number

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The amount of Rs. 750 (net) shall be rewarded per successful QR installation.
  2. The applicant should mention the referrer's contact number and his/her name in the QR form compulsorily.
  3. If any of the referrer's contact number or his/her name is missing in the form, that referrer will not be qualified for the reward. Both the mandatory fields should be filled by the applicant.
  4. The reward amount shall be distributed after the end of the campaign.
  5. The amount shall be transferred to the referrer's bank account.
  6. The campaign is valid till the end of the Ashwin 2077.
  7. The campaign shall be open for all NIC ASIA account holders/non-account holders.
  8. The bank reserves the right to revoke and modify the T&C of the mentioned reward at any time before the end of the campaign period if any dispute occurs.

Refer today and earn as much as you can.

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