NIC ASIA Bank has introduced self-service kiosks in its various branches to provide convenient and efficient banking services to its customer. These self-service kiosks offer a wide range of functions that customers can perform on their own, without the need of assistance from bank staff. Some of the services available through the self-service kiosks include: 

  • Cheque Deposits: Customers can deposit cheque into their accounts using the self-service kiosks, eliminating the need to wait in line at the teller counter.
  • Account Number Verification: Customers can verify their account numbers through the kiosks, ensuring accuracy and convenience.
  • Account Statement Printing: The kiosks enable customers to print their account statements, allowing them to access their transaction history whenever needed.
  • Balance Certificate Request: Customers can request balance certificates through the self-service kiosks, providing them with official documentation of their account balances.
  • Other Services: The self-service kiosks may offer additional services such as MoBank PIN reset and other basic banking functions to cater to customer needs. 

The introduction of self-service kiosks brings several benefits to customers, including 24/7 availability, reduced waiting times, and the ability to perform transactions at their own convenience. These kiosks contribute to an enhanced banking experience by minimizing queues and improving operational efficiency within the branches. 


Here is the list of branches where we are currently providing customer service through self-service kiosks, including both those within and outside the Kathmandu Valley:

Branch Name  

1. Bagbazar 

11. Jawalakhel 

21. New Road 

2. Balaju 

12. Kalanki 

22. New Road Bishal Bazar 

3. Battisputali 

13. Kamaladi 

23. Pepsicola 

4. Bhaktapur 

14. Kapan 

24. Pulchowk 

5. Boudha 

15. Kausaltar 

25. Saatdobato 

6. Chhetrapati 

16. Khumaltar 

26. Samakhushi 

7. Corporate Office Branch 

17. Koteshwor 

27. Sukedhara 

8. Dillibazar 

18. Lazimpat 

28. Teku 

9. Golfutar 

19. Maharajgunj 

29. Thamel 

10. Gwarko 

20. New Baneshwor 

30. Thankot