NIC ASIA Personal Loan is a non-collateral based loan scheme specially designed to facilitate your diverse personal financial requirements if you are a Nepalese Salaried individual, Pensioners, professionals residing in Nepal.

A personal loan is purely based on your credibility as our valued customer and offers to hassle-free services along with the fastest service delivery and easy documentation procedure.Get flexible loan tenures, easy loan repayment options, and most importantly as per Published Interest Rate of the Bank.

Facility/Product Type

Non-Collateral Based

To support your financial expenses.

Facility Type

Term Loan and Overdraft/ Demand Loan

Eligibility Criteria:

Only Nepalese Residential with Salaried Income, Pensioners and professionals residing in Nepal.

  • Minimum Age : 23 Years at the time of loan processing.
  • Maximum : Remaining service tenure or 58 Years at loan maturity, whichever is earlier. However, in case of loan against pension income the maximum age of borrower shall be 68 years at the time of loan application.
Loan Amount
  • Minimum: For Loan against Pension Income, NPR 100K For others, NPR 300K
  • Maximum: Up to NPR. 15 Lakh, where Overdraft/Demand Loan shall be within NPR. 5 Lakh. In case of loan against pension income: Up to NPR 5 Lakh.
Maximum Loan Tenure

For Loan against Pension Income: Up to 1 year

For others

  • Term Loan : Up to 7 Years.
  • Overdraft/ Demand Loan : 12 months.
    Renewal shall be done subject to satisfactory annual review and clearance.
Interest Rate

As per Published Rate

Fees and Charges

As per Standard Tariff of Charges (STC).

*Note: Other Terms and Conditions shall be as per the Bank’s Policy. In addition, to the above-mentioned parameters, the Bank can analyze other details too, where deemed necessary.

Required Documents

Citizenship certificate

Passport copy


Marriage certificate

Relationship certificate (where applicable)

Income source verification documents 

Bank account statements

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