NIC ASIA Remit, a remittance product of NIC ASIA Bank Limited is a premium, online, customer-focused Money Transfer Service designed to meet the need of customers to send/receive remittance from various countries as well as to facilitate domestic fund transfer within the country. It is a web-based money transfer system which can be accessed from all the branches of the bank, Extension Counters, Branchless Banking Units, and the bank has appointed more than 10,000 active payout locations covering every prime and rural areas of the country for the distribution of NIC ASIA Remit.

The bank has a dedicated Remittance Business Unit, which comprises of an experienced and energetic team of competent staff to provide exceptional customer services during remittance payments. Currently, NIC ASIA Remit has its presence in various countries including the US, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Canada, UAE, and Malaysia. The bank plans to expand its remittance services to Nepalese migrants residing in other countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.

NIC ASIA Remit is a renowned secure online remittance service in Nepal which serves the premium remittance service to its valued customers. Customers can transfer their hard-earned money to their beloved families, friends and the desired ones to maintain the household expenses, to the settlement of business and personal needs in the fastest and safest way. Customers can send the money inter and intrapersonal accounts maintained in Nepal or cash base transactions with the help of NIC ASIA Remit.

NIC ASIA Remit-Domestic
SN Amount Slab Service Charges
Agents/Branches NIC ASIA Mobank
1 1-15,000 90 90
2 15,001-25,000 120 90

Competitive features of NIC ASIA Remit:

  • Convenient, affordable, and accessible remittance service to take pride in happy customers.
  • Wider payout network to make the payment of customers at their doorstep.
  • Safe, secure, reliable, and fast means of transfer.
  • Competitive prices and exchange rates to the customer.
  • Applies automated AML solutions across its network for effective KYC management, risk assessment, transaction monitoring, etc.
  • Topmost network coverage all over the country with dedicated payout agents.
  • Any bank account credit within the same day or first hour of the next working day.
  • Call and Pay services by committed Helpdesk Team.
  • Account opening facilities with competitive interest rates and insurance coverage.
  • Real-time account credit for the beneficiary having an account with NIC ASIA Bank Limited.

NIC ASIA Remit is a nationwide remittance fund transfer facility within Nepal (Domestic Remittance) and International Inward remittance which can be executed from other countries to Nepal. Bank has been licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank (The Central Bank of Nepal) to facilitate Inward Remittance services and has been operated as per the guidelines of The Central Bank of Nepal. NIC ASIA Remit implements the full-fledged AML procedure to screen the individual remittance transactions received through its channel.

RAD Number of NIC ASIA Remit Domestic transactions: 999+8 Digit

RAD Number of NIC ASIA Remit International transactions: 999+8 Digit, 8 Digit Random Number, ORB+7 Digit & 180+9 Digit


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