NIC ASIA Remit, a remittance solution offered by NIC ASIA Bank Limited, is an exclusive online service designed to cater to the diverse needs of customers for receiving international money transfers. This service enables customers to swiftly and securely transfer their hard-earned money to their loved ones, facilitating household expenses, business settlements, and personal needs. It prioritizes customer satisfaction and operates through a user-friendly web-based platform accessible from all Bank Branches, Extension Counters, Branchless Banking Units, and over 12,000 payout locations strategically positioned across the country.


  1. Instant credit facility to any Banks account in Nepal.
  2. Provide secure, reliable, and convenient money transfer services.
  3. Convenience, affordability, and accessibility ensuring customer satisfaction.
  4. Extensive payout network, providing doorstep payments for customers.
  5. Dedicated Helpdesk Team offering Call and Pay services.
  6. Adoption of automated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions for effective Know Your Customer (KYC) management, risk assessment, and transaction monitoring.

Our Remittance Partner