NIC ASIA Instabuy EMI Facility allows customers to easily convert their Credit card purchases into monthly installments. Instabuy facility can be applied online as per the convenience of customers without visiting the Bank.


To convert credit card purchases into easy EMI

Eligible Customers

Only credit card customers of NIC ASIA Bank


100% of credit card limit or purchase amount whichever is lower.


3 months to 18 months

EMI Handling Fees

The following fees shall be applicable as a one time EMI conversion charge to the customers/ merchants of the Bank :

EMI TenureEMI Handling Fees
3 monthsNPR 500 or Flat 2.5% of total amount whichever is higher
6 monthsNPR 1200 or Flat 5% of total amount whichever is higher
9 monthsNPR 2000 or Flat 7.5% of total amount whichever is higher
12 monthsNPR 3500 or Flat 10% of total amount whichever is higher
18 monthsNPR 6000 or Flat 18% of total amount whichever is higher
24 monthsNPR 8500 or Flat 24% of total amount whichever is higher
Fees & Charges

No additional fees and charges shall be applicable to customers other than EMI Hanlding fees on conversion of their purchases into EMI. 

0% Instabuy EMI Facility

The customers of the Bank can convert their Credit Card purchases into monthly installments from the following merchant partners at no cost. (0% Financing Facility)

Name Of MerchantEMI Charge for CustomersWaiver applicable on EMI Tenure ofValidity of Waiver
Big DigitalNil3 months and 6 monthsShrawan 9, 2080
UHS HoldingsNil3 months and 6 monthsAshwin 30, 2080
CG DigitalNil3 months and 18 monthsAshwin 30, 2080
DarazNil3 months and 6 monthsMarch 21, 2024
A to Z online BazaarNil3 months and 18 monthsBhadra 30, 2080
IMS SmartNil3 months and 6 monthsAshwin 30, 2080

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Product Benefits

Comparing Our 3 Card Types

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