NIC ASIA Quick Pay is a quick and secure aggregated link based payment system used by merchants with or without a website.This API based aggregated payment gateway offers merchants both domestic and international payment provider gateways including Fonepay, Connect IPS, NPS, Wallets, NIC Asia MoBank and Card Payment gateway i.e. Cybersource respectively. The product is also beneficial for those merchants without their own website or for creating custom links that are then shared with the customers to proceed with the payment.


To quickly pay via the linked based payment.

Target Group

Business owners


Operating any Business


Life time

  • By creating and sharing the payment link with the end-user, merchants without a website or platform can still accept payments with Quick pay.
  • The Quick Pay service will open up offline markets to online payment gateways.
  • There is no need for additional hardware or machinery.
Fees & Charges

As per published rate.

With our digital transaction services, you can easily make payments at over 1,000+ merchant outlets.

Product Benefits

Comparing Our 3 Card Types

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*Note: The card offers are upto 5 years only. Fees and charges apply and may change.